About Us

90 GRAND’s iconic Image Rewards & Loyalty programs are used by Five Star Hotels, Newspapers, Banks, PR firms, Advertising and Branding Agencies and others.  We are the only corporate rewards and loyalty program in the world using world famous photographic images as a reward / loyalty incentive. Our program requires no financial commitment to inventory, processing, staffing or management hassles. We do everything with 24/7 accountability to our clients.                              

Each client is provided assistance to custom tailor their loyalty / rewards program with our iconic and collectable photographic prints, each shot by a world famous photographer. Our images have a high perceived value by recipients but have been easily affordable by our industry clients.

Our program enhances and does not replace or compete with, any existing points, loyalty, or reward programs that may be in place and there is no upfront cost to implement it.

The 90 Grand image collections span 75 years and are either owned or licensed by us for our clients reward / loyalty programs. A Certificate of Authenticity authorized by the artist or estate comes with each image.       All capture a special moment in time of celebrities, luminaries, personalities or events including unique street and boudoir images. They create magnetic customer engagement to extend your brand and create long term customer loyalty.  

Our high quality print and framing standard creates a “collector” atmosphere for the recipient and continued awareness of your brand as they continue to engage your loyalty program for additional images to collect or for gifts to others.  

Seasoned print craftsmen use only high quality fine art paper for each image reproduced from the original negative or digital capture.  Our facility is recognized by professional photographers and galleries as one of the worlds finest. 

We’ve shipped thousands of images world-wide and never had one complaint as to quality or value.