Chuck Solomon

New York

About The Artist:

Chuck Solomon has been photographing sports, action and lifestyle for the past thirty-five years. A former staff photographer, as well as a current contributor, at Sports Illustrated; his photographs have appeared on the cover of that magazine more than forty times. He is currently based in the New York/New Jersey area.

Equally proficient at shooting action as well as portraits and picture stories, he is also the the photographer and author of a series of children's books including:  Our Soccer League, Playing Hockey and Major League Batboy.

Chuck Solomon

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New York Marathon Race, 2005 by

New York Marathon Race, 2005

Agassi at the Open by

Agassi at the Open

Ball and Hoop by

Ball and Hoop

Boxing Girl by

Boxing Girl

Archery in Central Park by

Archery in Central Park

Cyclist by


Jeters Last Season by

Jeters Last Season

Determination by


Gibson at the Plate by

Gibson at the Plate

Exhausted Athlete by

Exhausted Athlete

Ice Sailing by

Ice Sailing

Lacrosse Player by

Lacrosse Player

Lacrosse Sticks by

Lacrosse Sticks

Brotherhood by


Perfect Hit by

Perfect Hit

Player in Mid-air by

Player in Mid-air

Pond (A) by

Pond (A)

Pond Hockey by

Pond Hockey

Serena Williams by

Serena Williams

Tiger by


Brady Poised by

Brady Poised

Brady Pass by

Brady Pass

Victory on the River by

Victory on the River

Bubbles by


Victory, Defeat by

Victory, Defeat

Football in the Mud by

Football in the Mud

Team USA by

Team USA

Yankees Victory by

Yankees Victory

Berra Last Day at the Old Stadium by

Berra Last Day at the Old Stadium

Baseballs by


Baseball Autograph by

Baseball Autograph

Mariano Rivera by

Mariano Rivera