Eve Turek Collection

Eve Turek grew up in Fairfax County, VA, and moved to the Outer Banks of North Carolina as a young adult, where she and her husband own Yellowhouse Gallery, a fine art gallery in Nags Head.

Eve received her first Polaroid “Swinger” camera more than 50 years ago. It inspired her to not only to take pictures but also learn black and white film processing and printing in high school and now in the digital darkroom. What began as an interest, grew to become a livelihood and a way of life, keeping her grounded and connected to the natural world, gaining a reputation for her dramatic wildlife and landscape images.

Her Masters in Environmental Education provided the ability to combine a naturalist’s understanding with an intuitive sense of synchronicity, in creating wildlife and wild-lands photography.

While most photographers organize their portfolios around places or subjects, Eve prefers to catalog her work by the emotions she feels when pressing the shutter, emotions then experienced by later viewers of the images. Serenity, connection, elation and emotions such as these are the foundation of her photographic practice. It begins and ends, as does every photographic encounter, with gratitude.  Eve habitually asks permission to make an animal or bird's photograph and always says thank you after capturing the shot.

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